Not happy?  Life got ya down?  Too many troubles and not enough dancing?  Horrors!  Let’s fix it.

puppy looking out the car window

We all have ways to lighten our mental loads, our own mood boosters and ways to be happy that work for us.  Or maybe in combination. So let’s play.

  1.      Literally. Play. A game of cards.  Farmville.  Anything.  And yes, even you get twenty minutes to play today!
  2.      Dance. Put on your favorite upbeat song and for five minutes, dance.  Get those endorphins pumping.  And yep—dance like nobody’s watching.
  3.      Read. Something uplifting.  For that set 20 minutes.  David Hawkin’s Power vs. Force showed that just by reading something that calibrates at a high level, your consciousness is raised.  How easy was that?
  4.      Meditate. Rewires the brain. Reduces stress.  Enhances creativity. Etc., etc.  We know this, right?  I think you have to actually do it to get the benefits.  But who doesn’t have 20 minutes?
  5.     Journal. Let all the negative stuff pour out on the page and get out of your head. Quite cathartic.  It’s why a lot of writers write in the first place 🙂
  6.     Write a poem. It doesn’t have to be good 🙂
  7.     Go for a walk in the sunshine. Or the rain.  Skip along some.  Endorphins again.  Always endorphins!
  8.     Call a good friend. Nothing puts me in a happy mood like talking to a buddy!
  9.     Research stud dogs on the Internet. Woops!  That’s probably specific to me.  But I always feel when doing so during my work day that I’m playing hooky.  So do whatever on the Net that makes you feel the same.
  10.     Play an instrument. Because of #9 above, I included something I cannot do.  LOL. But then again, it doesn’t matter if you’re good at it!  Okay, so it may matter to others around you, but then, you’re probably not playing where they can hear it.
  11.     Throw darts. Shoot target practice with your gun.  Work on your bow & arrow technique (as I understand it, with all the Hunger Games’ hoopla, this has become a big sport for girls!).  Just do something where you can hit something and that’s an okay thing to do.
  12.     Make a gratitude list.  Nothing gets me off my pity pot like doing so!  And remembering all the things I’m grateful for.
  13.     Chocolate. If all else fails, the answer all along was chocolate. We know its mood-boosting properties (scientifically, which always makes me happy).  Plus you get those anti-oxidants too, so it’s good for you.


We know all of these things, and many more.  So, why don’t we do them?  Because we’re goofy, that’s why.

So go make your own list. Follow it when you’re blue.  Do one thing that makes you happy and before you know it, you’re smiling.  And of course we know that the act of smiling in and of itself makes you happier.

As Epicurus said, “Pleasure is the beginning and the end of living happily.”

What do you do when you’re blue?



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