Are You Really Afraid Or Are You Just Lazy?

How could those two be connected?  I mean, you’re not lazy, right?  You work hard at what you do.  Give your job your all, take care of your family (sometimes multi-generations worth), apply yourself to school or learning any new task, work out hard, and any number of other endeavors in front of you.


Lazy?  No way!

But fear is a pesky emotion.  Quite often, if not almost always, it covers itself in a mask or fourteen that says it’s a beast of a different sort.  Conversely, sometimes it jumps up from the ego and says, “Don’t do that!  Danger!  Be very afraid.”

And then, once you’ve run fifteen miles away from whatever, stop to catch your breath and let the hormones settle, a deeper little voice arises and asks, “What, exactly, were we afraid of back there?” 

The smoke has cleared and no monster formed from the mist.  Hm.  But man, are we a bit tired now—all that running and adrenaline, you know—and this is a great time for a cookie.  One with chocolate in it.  Because that was surely a near miss and we flew instead of fought and either way, well, we deserve a break.  Right?

All those hormones give a great rush.  Ah, such energy!  No wonder so many folks get off on anger and the blast it brings.  Which as long as you don’t stay there, can be invigorating indeed.

And instead of facing the daily grind of whatever, we succumb to the lure of that energy.

We pay for it of course.  What goes up must come down. But more importantly, we’ve just wasted productive time by running from beasts invented.

And especially if this happens more than once, and god forbid, frequently!—that fear is masquerading as something it’s not.

I mean, again, we’re not lazy, right?  Who could ever accuse us of such!  Why, the very idea that I could even have time to be lazy is ludicrous, no?  Look at all I do, all that I accomplish, look what my day’s like, for Pete’s sake!

Um hm.  Yep, that’s me, actually.  But you know what?  There’s a pretty big pocket inside me that says, “Ahhh . . .  we’ve worked so hard, why don’t we just to lie in the hammock and read the new Sarah Gruene book, the first-edition signed copy of which just arrived in the mail.  Or you know, take the day off and watch a movie.  Or, talk on the phone to someone not about business.

Oh, no! What was I thinking? Just the idea of it plunges me into, you guessed it, fear!  Now I’ll never get my work done today!  And more just piled up and, and, and . . .   And away we go again, down the fear-road propelled by adrenaline rush.

Yep, inside me is a lazy place.  I do believe I would make a great lady of leisure!

Then again, President Teddy Roosevelt sums it up for me,   Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty… I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.
So before you believe that ego voice inside saying, run!  Take a look at what you’re running from.  Perhaps, as in cases with me, it’s your own laziness.

How do you overcome it?



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