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Have a Better Day with a Positive Mantra

Have a Better Day with a Positive Mantra

Have you noticed how some days are easier to get through than others?

Or is it just me?

Often now, or even most of the time, my day sails by with wonderful events. I’m positive, upbeat, eager to see what comes next.

But then, other times I feel like I’m slogging through the muck and the mire.

You know those times—when you get to do everything twice. Or little irritants come bite you on the butt, gobbling up your joy along with that requisite pound of flesh.

Yep, a bit dramatic. But it can sure feel that way, no?

I’m not a big fan of those days. I like the smiley-faced ones lots better.

What I know for true though is that my reaction to said events is what’s going to determine if I stay in the monster-filled doldrums, or get back to smiling with joy.

Easier said than done, at times.

But check this out: We can change our moods by what we hold in our minds.

Sages of all ilk have been telling us this, from the Buddha to the Bible, and within all spiritual disciplines since. We have so much anecdotal evidence (I bet you have your own as well) that discounting it doesn’t make much sense.

And one of the best ways I know to affect this is by using a daily mantra.

SO many studies have proven this. I’m always just tweaked when science proves the validity of a spiritual tenant. That old left brain/right brain connection runs strong J

But a relatively new study from Carnegie Mellon University, published in PLOS ONE, actually provides the first evidence that positive mantras (okay, they called them self-affirmations) protect against the damaging effects of stress on problem-solving performance.

Who can beat that. And it’s sure cheaper than oral medications. Not to mention—better for our bodies.

Taking this even further, the science of Neuroplasticity is now widely accepted as scientists are proving the brain is infinitely adaptable and dynamic.

They found that the brain actually has the power to change its own structure.

And even people with strokes, cerebral palsy, and mental illnesses can train other areas of their brains through repetitive mental and physical activities.

Talk about totally life-altering.

What this means as far as a daily mantra is concerned is that through repetitive positive thought, you can rewire your brain and bolster those brain areas that stimulate positive thinking.

Maybe the Buddha was onto something all those millennia back. As was the writer of Proverbs . . .

Norman Doidge, M.D., covers this in depth in his widely acclaimed book, The Brain That Changes Itself: Stories of Personal Triumph from the Frontiers of Brain Science. Doidge states that the brain has the capacity to rewire itself and/or form new neural pathways.

The caveat: You have to do the work.

Just like exercise, this work demands repetition and action to reinforce new learning.

But the kicker? If you do it, it will work.

Funny enough, this functions in reverse as well. You know all that negative self-talk? Well, that, too, is operating overtime to bring you what you’re focused upon.

We’re actually proving this in our lives every single day.

So if we know that for true, why not focus on positive mantras?

One of the ones I use often is: Everything is working out for me.

And you know, it actually is and does. Even in the midst of perceived insanity or failure, when I say this (and now I’ve come to know it), the blessing shows up quicker and quicker these days.

Another one I use often (not enough!) is: Something wonderful is going to happen to me today. Or, something magickal (depending upon my mindset). And that happens as well.

But the most important part of all of this is how it affects my mood.

Isn’t it just so much more fun and rewarding to skip through the day with tons of energy and smiles and joy and eagerness for what’s to come?

When I do that, great things happen.

What positive self-talk, affirmations, mantras do you use? I’d love to hear your findings!

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  1. Renee groskreutz

    Over and over I am learning the power of positive thinking. Think positive thoughts and positive things will happen. The trouble is that I have to relearn this skill daily.

    1. Susan Malone

      Yep, it’s a process, isn’t it, Renee. But like Jig Jiglar said, Thinking positive is like bathing. You have to practice it every day!

  2. Terry

    I hate when things come back to bite me on the butt! But it happens and I try doing everything I can to not let it.

    1. Susan Malone

      They do, don’t they, Terry. But focusing on something positive sure helps!

  3. Lori English


    Great Post and love saying and using Mantra’s to keep positivity flowing in the Brain.

    Lori English

    1. Susan Malone

      They work, don’t they, Lori. And I always love when science shows us how!

  4. My Cool Toy Vids

    Great post! I am a great believer in affirmations … whether positive or negative (these are the ones we do not recognize that we do all the time.) Whatever we tell ourselves in our head is our reality.

    1. Susan Malone

      It absolutely is reality, isn’t it. And isn’t it amazing when you start paying attention to your thoughts, how many of them are negative! Such a process to rewire our brains, but so cool that it can be done!

  5. Sabrina Quairoli

    This is great! We are powerful creators and whatever we put our mind to will become true so why not make it positive and uplifting? Thanks for remind me to look at the positive in life.

    1. Susan Malone

      I love that, Sabrina: “We are powerful creators.” We are! And you’re so right–why not make it powerful and uplifting!

  6. Colleen M. Story

    So true, Susan! I was just thinking this the other day so thanks for the confirmation. Going to keep this in mind over the next few mornings. :O)

    1. Susan Malone

      Isn’t it funny how we know tools work, Colleen, and then forget to use them! Little reminders help me too 🙂

  7. Beverley Golden

    Because I love flying ahead into the future and often feel pressed for ‘time’ in the earthly plane, I long ago starting using the mantra, ‘There is always enough time for everything I have to do’, or something to that effect depending on the time issue. 😉 It really helps calm me down (especially if I am rushing to get somewhere) and somehow I seem to bend time so it works for me. Thanks for the reminder, Susan. Yes, we can choose thoughts will be enhance and empower ourselves, vs. ones that seem to keep us stuck where we are.

    1. Susan Malone

      Love that, Beverley. I use the time mantra a lot as well! Otherwise I can sure chase my tail. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. Roslyn Tanner Evans

    I learned this a long long time ago. What I believed without any evidence in childhood was , ‘tomorrow is another day’. When I started reading books that talked about the power of our mind it reinforced my beliefs, I’ve always been a positive thinker & replace negative interpretations with better ones. Since we make up our story, why not make up one that is empowering?

    1. Susan Malone

      Now that really tweaks me, Roz–“Since we make up our story, why not make up one that is empowering?” Love that!

  9. Rachel Lavern

    Oh I love this. I remember my very first mantra that I used to get me started on the easy path to abundance: “I have enough.” It is still one of my favorites–especially when I feel myself going down the rabbit hole of “I don’t have enough”. It snaps me out of that negative downward spiral and gives my mind the RIGHT DIRECTION.

    I just need to look around at all of the wonderful abundance – the air we breathe, the smiles we can give, the talents we have, the love in our heart… I am incredibly abundant, already! “I have enough” just confirms it.

    1. Susan Malone

      Isn’t that the absolute truth, Rachel! When we truly appreciate what we have, it changes the mindset. And brings in more abundance. A great mantra to use when that old lack rears its ugly head!

  10. Tamuria

    We’re hearing more and more about the power of thought and now science is backing that up, which is great. When I’m having one of those sideways days I tell myself “everything is happening just as it should be”, which helps me stop stressing. Funny thing is, I rarely have a sideways days when I start with a positive thought. I love the all-encompassing simplicity of “everything is working out for me”.

    1. Susan Malone

      Isn’t it wonderful how a mantra can literally change your days–taking you out of sideways 🙂 Love that, Tamuria!

  11. andrea

    I love creating positive mantras! I do a vision board every year and it includes some of my favorite.

    1. Susan Malone

      I know a lot of folks who use vision boards, Andrea. So cool that you do!

  12. Reba Linker

    “Isn’t it just so much more fun and rewarding to skip through the day with tons of energy and smiles and joy and eagerness for what’s to come?”

    I am SO with you on this one, Susan! I was blessed to study with an amazing spiritual teacher who taught me about this 30 years ago, but I still occasionally forget, or get lazy, and it is always so amazing and energizing to rediscover the power of affirmations and positive self-talk! Lovely!

    1. Susan Malone

      I’m guilty of that too, Reba–forget, getting lazy. Funny thing is, when I get into a negative place, I can pretty much trace it from the day I quit my spiritual practice. Lol. How wonderful you learned this thirty years ago! And it shows in what you do.

  13. Kristen Wilson

    You and I have had a few convos on your blog and you know my struggle… but I am still working on it…. every day is a new day!

    1. Susan Malone

      I think we’re all working on it, Kristen! But you hit the key–every day is a new day. The choice is ours 🙂

  14. Sandra Shaffer

    I really try to pay attention to my inner voice and when those negative thoughts creep in. Changing my mindset to more positive thoughts is key to getting the outcome I prefer. I love the “Everything is working out for me!” I’ll have to copy that to my desktop!

    1. Susan Malone

      It does really work, doesn’t it, Sandra. And I am making your green beans this weekend!

  15. Nicole Escat

    I like this, I am into the journey of being positive each day. I am so glad about this mantra.

  16. Elizabeth O

    It is very important to surround ourselves with uplifting materials and people. We have a choice on what we say and think, and it’s better for us to keep it positive.

    1. Susan Malone

      That sure makes our lives go easier, doesn’t it, Elizabeth!

  17. Lori English


    A great article and love the way you talk about postive mantra and how inportant it is to have a postive attitude as well. I agree with you on the mantra. If you are having a ” Bad” day telling yourself and the rewiring of brain synapsis is an important way to help the negative thoughts that are programmed to change. Thanks for a great article which I am so interested in.
    Lori English

    1. Susan Malone

      Isn’t it amazing that we can actually rewire those brain synapses, Lori! That just tweaked me so!

  18. Joan M Harrington

    Hi Susan 🙂

    LOVED your post! Having a daily mantra is so very important because it DOES set the day off to a fantastic start ALL THE TIME! I know because I say one every day 🙂 I need to utilize the ones that you suggested 🙂 The one I say daily in my gratitude journal is this one……

    I am an unstoppable, brilliant, beautiful bad ass capable of living an extraordinary life!

    Feel free to use it if you like too 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful and positive post on the importance of having a daily POSITIVE mantra 🙂

    1. Susan Malone

      I’m so in love with your mantra, Joan, I’m printing it out! What a fabulous one to start the day with. Love it!

  19. Carol Rundle

    When I’m tempted to start a pity party, I have to remember the spiritual nature of what’s happening and realize that my enemy wants me to be upset/discouraged, etc. By refusing to play his game, I take my thoughts back to God and allow Him to comfort me.

    1. Susan Malone

      Taking that step back and remembering that everything has a spiritual component works for me too, Carol. My first question is: What is my lesson here? That puts things in a different perspective!

  20. Joyce Hansen

    Thanks for bringing this topic up Susan. When using mantra was first suggested, many thought it was silly and of little use. But time and research have shown the value and how the brain re-wires itself. Technically, the brain can not tell truth from untruth, but it does recognize the energy patterns of each. If one is constantly told they are stupid, it’s a belief the mind adopts and perpetuates. Positive affirmations and undue that kind of unfortunate programming.

    1. Susan Malone

      It’s that whole re-wiring of the brain that just tweaks me to no end, Joyce! Don’t you just love that. And isn’t it amazing how our subconscious brains can’t tell truth from untruth!

  21. Karen

    I totally believe in positive thinking and mantras; I have even written some on my blog. I also think that smiling does a lot of your mood as well. So smile while saying the mantra and you really will feel a difference. Your body listens to your mind and your face. 🙂

    1. Susan Malone

      So true, Karen! I love all the studies about how smiling truly does cause us to feel happier. And great idea to smile while saying your mantra!

  22. Lisa Swanson

    There is so much truth to this, and when I”m on my game, I’m great at being consistent with morning affirmations and positive thinking, but when I’m off… I’m off! I find it hard to turn it back around and get back into the swing of it.

    1. Susan Malone

      I do the same thing, Lisa. So now I try to be REALLY aware when I’m driving off track. The quicker I straighten back up, the easier it is. Always a process!

  23. Jackie Harder

    I change my mantras quite a bit. My latest one: Every step, every breath is a gift.

  24. Jennifer Quisenberry

    Our attitude and thoughts truly determine so much of how we interact in the world. Shifting our mindset makes such a difference.

  25. Lynell Rae

    great article – I use affirmations and mantras – it’s powerful

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