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Are You Slapping Happiness In The Face?

I sure know I can.  I’m fairly good at it, actually. Not the World Champion I once was, but I can still have my moments!


You know those times. And I’m not talking about when events are going badly in any number of ways. But rather, when you’re in the midst of an endeavor you love, lots of things are pressing about it, and you’re so focused on the outcome, all of a sudden you’re just not happy. 

That’s always a smack in the face for me.  Because the point of doing something you love is to cause you to be happy. 

I just had this happen, and it was another great wake-up call.  I’m a hobby show-breeder of English Labradors, and have the most beautiful litter of pups.  I only breed to keep something for me, to show and further my lines.  And as the weeks go by, and my critical eye hones in sharper and sharper (with input from my close breeder friends), I feel myself getting a bit more tense with each passing day.

Only, I don’t really realize it.  That’s sort of like the frog-in-the-pot scenario, where the frog gets put in tepid water he can easily jump out of.  And then the heat’s turned up and the water warms ever so slowly, and before the frog knows it, he’s boiling along with it and can no longer jump out.

I know, a bit dramatic. Nobody is gonna die here!

But keeping what’s truly best for me from a litter can get tricky.  Sometimes it’s clear as the Caribbean Sea.  Sometimes, murky like the ocean at Galveston Bay.

And I had more than one pup treading atop those white-capped waters.

So, I obsess.  I can make a case for this one or that one, or maybe . . .

As the critical 8-week time drew nearer, I woke up the night before final grading in a cold sweat!  I’m keeping the wrong puppy!  Eeeekkkk! 

You would have thought this concerned World Peace.

And I had to sit myself down and basically say, “What the $!?! is wrong with you!”

Lol.  Sometimes I have to get my own attention.

Because here I sit with beautiful babies.  What a great problem to have in deciding between them, and I’m not happy? 

Wake up, girl!

And my friend, Judy Brizendine, author of Stunned by Grief, must have read my mail when she posted: Stop overthinking.  You can’t control everything.  Just let it be. 

Okay, so I know she didn’t post it just for me!  But you know how it feels that way sometime.  Thank you, Judy!

I instantly calmed.  I had to wake myself up first with that STOP function I talk about a lot. And then the message I needed came smack into my face as well.  Which led me to being content. 

And with that calm contentment comes rational thought.  And I realize the puppy I’m keeping is beautiful and what I wanted from this breeding and I love her already.

And I laugh at my own silliness at letting anything mar this magical time!  Anything of course being my own crazy thinking. 

Now I’m smiling and laughing and oh-so-happy again.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell often spoke of myths being the experience of life, and that was what we were all truly seeking.  I love when he said, “You don’t ask what a dance means, you enjoy it. You don’t ask what the world means, you enjoy it. You don’t ask what you mean, you enjoy yourself; or at least, so you do when you are up to snuff.” –Myths to Live By

Now I gotta go and kiss my new puppy!

How do you get out of your own way?


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