Sometimes Plans Go Awry And Sometimes They Come Together

So I wrote last Fall about my girl Siren’s pregnancy and reabsorption and how difficult that all was, but how we got through it.  It was a long road, full of not only heartache but a frightening infection that almost resulted in a spay of this lovely, wonderful girl.  For a breeder, that would be devastating news.



But we got through that as well and set our sights on next time, taking many measures to ensure the same thing didn’t happen again.  Success!  Miss Siren became pregnant again, and held her litter this time.

And boy, did she get big.  Early.  I mean, big.  So I knew we had a bunch in there, with her water-buffalo self.

She’s due Easter Sunday, so this week we x-rayed.  Oh, dear, God.  She’s so full we couldn’t tell for sure, but counted at least 11, possibly 12, and another (hopefully not 2!) could easily be hidden.


The old ‘be careful what you wish for’ is well in play here!

So now I’m excited, terrified, giddy with anticipation, wondering if I’m making the right decision whether to plan a C-section or see if she can have them.  Of course did I mention she’s due Easter Sunday?  Of course!  Only 1 holiday throughout this entire long stretch of months and we hit it!  Of course we did!


Okay, let me catch my breath.

Because after the previous plans going so awry, this one hit the mark.  And then some of course, but this is what we hoped and planned and worked for all this time.

This time the best-laid plans hit the bull’s eye.

And we’ve a plan in place for the weekend. We have a backup plan in place. And a third one if neither of those work to our liking.

Siren’s a big, strong, young girl.  She’ll make a fabulous mom.  All those puppies to lick!

Now, to keep the human mom calm 🙂   Thank God for all the tools in my toolbox to do so—they’re gonna come in quite handy!  But I can see the babies, see it all going well, see us calm and happy and drinking-in the most fabulous of elixers—puppy breath.

And if things do go awry, we have a plan for many different contingencies.

I will, however, be off the grid for 10 days to 2 weeks or so, but will hopefully be posting pictures of babies in the interim.

So in the meantime, happy Easter, and hope the Easter bunny brings you as many beautiful eggs as we have!

See you again in a couple of weeks!



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