Think Positive Just For Today

So all those statistics listed before about how optimism does work to enhance our lives weigh solid on my mind. What it mainly does is pierce my excuses with Hunger-Games’ like arrows.  Because not only do I know that when I’m being negative I’m attracting more crap, but also that I’m leaving the benefits of the power of positive thinking on the cutting-room floor.

Think Positive Just For Today

And that doesn’t make me happy!  I mean, life’s gonna throw enough stuff at everyone that it’s pretty bone-headed to not take advantage of the positive wrenches in my toolbox.

You know, it’s funny—I don’t have to get very far off my spiritual/psychological path for things to start falling smooth apart.  I’ll look up and absolutely nothing is working right and irritation will assail me and finally I’ll realize, um, when exactly was the last time I meditated?  The last time I consumed spiritual food?

I love the works of David Hawkins, MD, whose Power vs. Force changed my life.  In any number of ways.  A life member of the American Psychiatric Association, he relinquished his extensive practice for a life of research in kinesiology.  He talks about that just by reading or listening to material that calibrates at a high energy-level, yours is also raised.

And I like higher energy.  It makes me happy.  And I like to be happy J

And since I know how to get there, my excuses hold no power—unless I let them.

Anytime I dig my holes really deep (which oh, can I excel at!), once I realize what I’m doing, the first step is of course to stop digging.  That’s translates to negating that energy, so the positive has a place to live.  And once I stop burying myself, I can turn another way and go forward.

I used to really beat myself up about this.   I mean—I know what negative thinking does in my life.  What a bone-head am I!

But that at least I’ve pretty much quit doing.  Nothing is more fruitless.  I’m not saying that guilt in itself is bad.  I mean, if you kill someone out of spite (in any number of ways) and guilt doesn’t at least rear its pointy head a bit, you have no conscience.  But I’m talking more about self-shame.  You know, where you take a misstep and then get out the whip for self-flagellation, which results only in bloodying up your shoulders and you have that to heal as well.

Instead, I do consciously turn that other cheek. Resistance may arise (those old tapes have been playing a long time), but I go right back to what I know works in my life, right back to meditation, right back to finding that power of positive thinking, right back to affirmations that change my consciousness, if only for the time.

And I’m quite 12-step about it, the old one-day-at-a-time thing.  The ‘just for today, I’m going to think positive.’  Tomorrow, well, tomorrow can take care of its own danged self.  I have enough to keep me busy this day!

As Dr. Hawkins says, “To seek enlightenment is to seek entrainment to the most powerful attractor patterns.  The key, again, is will, a constantly repeated act of choice.” 

I can do that!  And, it works for me.   As Dr. Hawkins continually point out, it works whether you’re consciously aware of it or not.  “A persistent willingness is the trigger that activates a new attractor field and allows one to begin to leave the old.”  

How do you stay positive?

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